Sunday, July 15, 2012

Chipotle Flank Steak

I had full reign of the kitchen Friday night, as everyone else was driving back home from an all-day outing.  It was nice to put on some music, tidy up the table, light some candles, and cook dinner for the fam. 

I chose the Latin-Style Flank Steak from FC issue #65, topped with the Chipotle Butter from the same issue.  Very easy, but flavorful and everyone said it tasted good after a busy week. 
Spices for the recipe

I did choose to broil instead of grill the steak, as there were several ominous storm clouds hovering nearby.  I also recommend using the food processor for the butter, instead of doing it by hand--otherwise you'll have pockets of lime juice, unless you like this 'rustic' approach.

For sides dishes, I sauteed some swiss chard with garlic, olive oil, salt, and pepper.  So simple, but delish.  I also included a side of cous-cous (easiest starch to cook ever).  Anyone have much luck with cooking the bigger couscous varieties?  I've tried the Israeli couscous, and love the texture, but there's another, larger variety couscous which I think needs to simply be treated like regular pasta:  boil til cooked, drain, and season with salt, pepper, and some butter or olive oil. 

Isn't the chard beautiful?